TCR Friday Jukebox

2nd August 2022 Studio Activities TCR Community

Every Friday we at The Chinese Room have a different music playlist spinning, the theme for which gets set by the person who got voted as having submitted the best song the previous week! We usually share these with our newsletter readers, but figure perhaps it's time to finally share these with the general audience, too.

Enjoy the following playlists!

"A Pirate's Life For Me"


"Don't Need Words to Tell a Story (no lyrics!)"

"Double Acts and Duos"



"I Want My MTV"

"It's A (Deadly) Sin"

"Kitchen TCR

"Lo-fi beats to develop games & relax to"

"Loveday Mixtape"

"Neon Lights"

"Pumpkin Spice"


"Soft Spring (Morning Walks)"

"Speakeasy Vibes"

"The Final Game ⚽"

"The Power of Friendship"

"The Seaside"

"Through The Woods"

"Trailer Music"

"True Colours"