Our culture

The Chinese Room is made up of a diverse mix of talented people – 25 nationalities, 23 languages spoken, a large and supportive LGBTQ+ community - we welcome individuals with experiences from all walks of life, not just videogames.

Our culture, whether you are in our Brighton-based offices or Working From Home, supports, respects and enables real, meaningful input into the games that we create.

The Chinese Room team
The Chinese Room team
The Chinese Room team
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A message from The Chinese Room's former Creative Director:

"For us, it’s all about the incredible and unique way you can tell stories and create worlds in games. Whatever genre we’re working in, we’re dedicated to deep, rich, emotional stories that are as inclusive and diverse as they are exciting and innovative."

Dan Pinchbeck

Studio Cultural Activities

Diversity and Inclusion

  • TCR Entry Scheme – a regular drive for applications from individuals that have no game making experience and come from backgrounds marginalised in the games industry
  • The Chinese Room is a proud supporter of UKIE’s #RaiseTheGame initiative - a collaborative and high-impact pledge to improve diversity and inclusion in the games industry

  • We are creating videogames with diverse casts, less represented in the mainstream AAA titles

Giving Back

  • Members of our studio regularly do volunteer guest lectures at UK universities and mentor newcomers to the industry, encouraging a new generation of game makers
  • In 2021 we officially partnered with the Clocktower Sanctuary – Brighton and Hove’s only day centre for young homeless people, and raised over seven thousand pounds for it
  • The studio donates hardware kits to schools to nurture new talent – a Sumo-wide commitmens

Studio Activities

  • We organise Creative Jams twice a year
  • Regular care packages
  • Office festivities and milestone celebrations are all part of being at TCR
  • Regular worker-led meetings for Neurodiverse individuals in the studio and worker-led Women of TCR Meetings
  • The studio organises TCR Talks – interviews with industry veterans exclusively for our staff
  • Our Friday Jukebox competition every week!
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The Chinese Room team
The Chinese Room team
The Chinese Room team

Life in Brighton

Our studio is located in Brighton, which we think is one of the best cities in the south of England. It’s not just home to an amazingly vibrant game development scene, but a cultural hotspot with fantastic food, arts, music, shopping and sports.

The studio is right in the city centre, just up the road from the beach and the South Downs National Park. Gatwick Airport is half an hour away from train, and you can be in Central London in just over an hour. It’s an easy place to love!