Saying goodbye to Dan Pinchbeck

17th July 2023

Hi, everyone. Huge thanks again for the incredible reception to STILL WAKES THE DEEP - our team is giddy with excitement in sharing more news about the game in months to come. 

As one new chapter opens with the announcement of our latest title, another closes. Our Creative Director, and co-founder of The Chinese Room, Dan Pinchbeck leaves us to begin a new journey. Here is his letter to our fans:     

“When Jessica and I started TCR, we were just a couple of artists working in a bedroom– there wasn’t any great plan other than to do something we really believed in and make games we wanted to make. It’s been a rollercoaster ride from there and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and of all the amazing people we’ve worked with. From the outset, we always put two things at the forefront of TCR: trying to make the best games we could, and trying to contribute to a culture of diversity, inclusion and passion. Everyone who has worked with me on both of those things deserve my thanks, love and respect. Particularly Jessica, my soulmate and partner-in-crime, without whom TCR simply wouldn’t exist. ”

“We live in a world now where kindness, tolerance, support and understanding are more important than ever before. Fighting to protect working cultures where people are safe and dignified regardless of culture, race, class, health, gender identity, sexuality, faith, neurodiversity, economic or educational background or any other context, is a responsibility we all share and I still believe underpins the making of great games."

“Like for so many other people, we lost friends and family during the pandemic and this has certainly played a part in my decision to see what’s out there in the world beyond the studio I’ve dedicated the last fifteen years to building. It’s been a time of taking stock and considering what ifs.“

"And so for me, all things have their season, and it’s time for something new. TCR isn’t two artists in a bedroom anymore, it’s a studio employing over a hundred developers working on multiple, great titles. It’s time to step back and focus on being an artist again – writing, travelling, making. It’s been a wonderful journey and now it’s the start of a new adventure.”      

We’re so thankful for Dan and Jessica’s truly outstanding legacy.

And as for the rest of us? Operations are at full tilt! We’re crafting multiple titles, guided by their own Project Directors, all sharing the same vision - telling powerful, unexpected stories with utmost care and attention to detail.       

There is a reason why we work at TCR – making thoughtful, rich video games with meaning is what motivates us, and that energy will be oozing through our future titles.                   

Thank you all for the support in everything thus far – we cannot wait to hear what you think of STILL WAKES THE DEEP when it lands in your hands in early ’24. Initiated and co-written beautifully by Dan, the game has since grown under the collective care of our dedicated team. Very soon we will be sharing Development Diaries for the title, offering more insight into our processes. And there may even be some news on other projects before long, too!

Once again, we send warmest wishes to our incredible co-founder as he embarks on new adventures. Speak soon.