Coming to Google Daydream VR on 21st September 2017


Back in spring last year, we got asked by Google if we wanted to make a game for their new mobile VR platform, Daydream. We said sure, that sounds like fun. The result is So Let Us Melt and it’s coming out on the 21st September.

So Let Us Melt is a game about friendship, gardening and singing. It’s inspired by 70s sci-fi movies like Silent Running. It’s about the idea of a home, and being alone, and doing your best, and about the wonder and joy of watching things grow and of taking care of things and people.

So Let Us Melt is a fireside story, a tale passed down the generations, from adult to child. It’s a story about the world we live in and how it got to be that way. It’s a story about friendship and duty, and the wonder of caring for things and helping them grow. It’s a story about a world being created and a machine who is left all alone and goes looking for his friends.