Scrapbook: Progress Bar at Lighthouse Brighton

The Scrapbook features are coming thick and fast - looks like we're attending more events than we thought... We hope you're enjoying those write-ups of games industry events!

Lighthouse in Brighton recently hosted a special games edition of Progress Bar; a European programme that covers talks and workshops on a subject matter - Catherine, Dan and I (Foucauld) were in attendance!

The first talk of the night was from journalist Jordan Erica Webber on philosophy in games, it was a great introduction to having people talk about games from a philosophical angle, as those outside of games may not realise that games do ask deep and meaningful questions to players. Of course it depends on the game, but it was a great talk for raising the awareness of questioning games and what they mean, or why they pose the choices that they do.

Dan Pinchbeck, our Creative Director, then gave a talk on the making of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture from a narrative perspective, going over the process that the team took when it came to creating the right world and narrative for the game experience that they wanted to tell. Dan went over the many iterations of the game (from the initial idea of giving the player a limited amount of time to go through the game), the narrative and design-oriented challenges the team faced and the solutions that were eventually adopted.

After Dan’s talk there was a presentation from Werkflow on how they feel game engines can be used as a digital theatre space, giving examples of how they’ve worked with artists to create pieces in Unreal Engine and with the Oculus Rift, allowing them to utilise realtime rendering to create immediate results for themselves and their clients. They also hosted a workshop the following day, explaining the pipeline they’ve been using to develop sculpted digital art assets within a game engine.

Overall it was a really interesting night and a great way to talk to local professionals in Brighton in and outside of the games industry. They also had a pop-up arcade, showing off a variety of independent games, which was presented in association with Jo Summers. There was promise for future talks on games at Lighthouse as well, so keep an eye on their website for any upcoming events.