Meet our new Lead Artist!

Hello everyone!

We have exciting news! This month, two fantastically talented new people are joining The Chinese Room to help us create our next games! The first one is our new Lead Artist, Steve Noake, who will be working closely with Alex and Rich, and who wrote a quick message to introduce himself:


My name’s Steve and I’m the newly appointed Lead Artist at The Chinese Room. Dan asked me to write a short bio, just to give you an Idea of who I am and what I’ve done. Usually these things are written in the third person, and are incredibly awkward to write. So, as I don’t have to do it that way, I’m going to make this a bit less formal.

I started making games in the early nineties, working up north at a small studio called Imagitec Design, which was bought/evolved into part of Gremlin Interactive, and then in turn Gremlin was swallowed up by Infogrames. During this time, I worked on loads of different games, from arcade shooters, puzzle games, football management, to RPG’s & fishing games. For a time I was based in the U.S. with our publisher Gametek, where along with a small team, we lived nocturnally and had bags of fun making games, even if it did get a bit "Lord of the Flies" at times.

I joined Argonaut Games after the millennium where I worked on a Bionicle game for Lego, and Catwoman with EA, both great learning experiences, especially the trip over to Billund on the Lego jet to be Lego-birthed (a great experience and a rare privilege). Sometimes the experience and skill involved in making games isn’t reflected in its reception, but watching John Miles (Catwoman’s Art Director) was a turning point for me. His vision, communication skills and passion were inspirational, but more concretely, the way he built and communicated the art style of the game to the team was a tremendous insight into his process.

After Argonaut’s untimely demise, I worked up in Scotland for Visual Sciences, before returning south to work for Zoe Mode on Rock Revolution, Guitar Hero DLC, Haunt, and Powerstar Golf, for Microsoft.

In 2014, I joined Climax Studios in Portsmouth, working on some as yet unreleased games, before I answered the ad for a Lead Artist at The Chinese Room...

I think the only other thing to say is that I’m very chuffed to be working with such a bunch of talented and welcoming individuals, on some super-exciting game ideas!



We'll introduce you to our new Senior Designer tomorrow! In the meantime, please give Steve a warm welcome :)