Meet our new Programmer!

Hey all!

Last week, we welcomed the latest addition to The Chinese Room team, the yin to our Stuart's yang (or is it the other way around?), the amazing programmer Gwen Raymond. In her own words, here's a quick intro - please give her a warm welcome!

Hi there.

My name's Gwen and I'm a new programmer working at The Chinese Room. I've been asked to introduce myself via the medium of words assembled such that they might resemble the speech patterns of an at least vaguely sentient human-ish life form, and not the rambling synaptic discharge of a coder not used to either sunlight or polite conversation. So here goes.

When I were I younger sprog I had intentions on making science my profession, so much that I even went and did a PhD in astrophysics. Even though I’d been playing games since the glory years of the Master System II, I’d never really considered the games industry as a career until I started - just as a hobby - using the maths and coding skills I’d picked up doing science, to make games in my spare time. The further I chipped away in the code-mines the more I realised I was enjoying my after hours game-dev more than my daytime work, so on completing my PhD I went out into the big wide world, portfolio in hand, looking for a job at a games company.

It wasn’t long before I ended up as an AI programmer (a lot of the work I’d been doing in my spare time had a pretty strong AI focus) at Creative Assembly, working on their Total War franchise. While I was there I fixed myself like a parasitic tick on a lot of really smart people, attempting to suck out their sweet, sweet knowledge to add to my own. My time there really was an invaluable experience where I got to hang out with a lot of cool people and improve my programming skills well beyond what I would have achieved just working on my own.

After about three and a half years I’d decided it was time to move onto something new and see how things operated in a smaller studio. Being, as a rule, a great fan of pigeon-heavy gameplay I got a job at Mediatonic doing more generalist programming and while there I worked on a number of different types of games, including CCGs, turn based strategy and dungeon crawlers. The more rapid turn over of games meant that rather than delving very deeply into a single topic, I got to work at solving a much broader range of problems.

After a little over a year at Mediatonic I started chatting to these here guys at The Chinese Room, who make some pretty cool games that you might have heard of. Obviously, I couldn’t really pass that one up, so here I am.

And this is their fault.