Wow, so that was 2015.

Quite the year, really. It’s been a hell of a ride, with some pretty intense highs and lows, but we leave 2015 having shipped the best game we’ve made yet, with a terrific team, and a place not only on a whole string of Game of the Year lists but a place in Develop’s Top 100 studios. And although awards season hasn’t arrived in earnest quite yet, Rapture has already picked up one from TIGA for Best Creative Gameplay and been named Stuff's "Indie Game of the Year". So it’s been a pretty good end to the year all round.

  Some of the team picking up the TIGA Award

Some of the team picking up the TIGA Award

First up, I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks to all of our fans – you’re the reason we do this, and the reason we can do this. Your support never goes unappreciated.

We’re heading into the new year working on a couple of projects that you’ll hopefully hear a bit more about in the first quarter of 2016. They are really exciting. We’re still not going to say much more about them quite yet, but here’s a few things.

  1. They’re definitely pretty gamey games. Yeah, with systems and mechanics and everything. I’ve gone back to my roots, chewing through old paper-based RPGs (Traveller, Paranoia, WFRP, GURPS, Twilight 2000 and more!), learning from the best of what’s out there and giving it our own unique spin. The end result will be whatever form Total Dark ends up taking, but it’s currently looking tough, bleak, isometric and PC based.
  2. We’re talking to publishers. We’ve got something that I’m so excited about I’m struggling to keep my mouth shut about it, but it’s the game I think we’ve been building up to and we’re ready to make now. I figure we’ve spent a few years really finding our core as a studio and getting pretty good at making stories and worlds and now we want to let rip. These kinds of things take a little while to get off the ground, but the wait will be worth it, promise. What we’ve got in mind deserves the very best publisher partnership we can forge, so there’s a lot of time and focus going into that right now. And some truly bloody brilliant tech demo-ing happening alongside that. And it will be right proper awesome, trust me.
  3. So for the last few years people have kept on telling us that we should do Dear Esther on VR or Rapture on VR, and we’ve spent the last couple of months having a really good play on the major platforms for that. No news just quite yet, but yeah, we think we can do something fairly cool with VR and it’s a conversation we are in the middle of having with someone right now.
  Doing some VR "research" in the office.

Doing some VR "research" in the office.

At the time I’m writing this, Rapture has made it onto 19 end-of-year lists, including The New Yorker, The Guardian, Kotaku, The Sixth Axis, Engadget, Empire – they just keep on coming. That’s really amazing for a game that was always something of a leap of faith. We trusted that gamers were smart and discerning, and ready for a deep, slower, contemplative game about small acts of humanity. I’m so happy, particularly looking at how Rapture sits alongside other titles in a year that was characterised mainly by bombast and noise*, that you lot showed us that leap of faith was a good one to make.

(*This from a man whose main taste in gaming never escapes bombast and noise. I’ve banned myself from Just Cause 3 while I clear some other games off my list because once I start…)

So mainly it’s just thanks, really. We’re shutting the studio from Friday until the New Year, so have a good one, y’all. And if you’re about on the 24th, check the Facebook page and our Twitter feed, got a little something for you.

Happy Christmas from everyone at TCR!

- Dan


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