We've got a full development team!

Team Photo

We are now officially at FULL TEAM! We've got an amazing bunch of people working on this project and we're incredibly lucky to have them, so wanted to let you know a little about everybody that's going to the rapture with us...

Our new studio manager is Tom Turner, who has joined us from his previous post as Development Director at Crytek UK where he worked on the Homefront and Crysis series. Tom's role splits between leading production on the game as well as driving the studio forwards, helping make sure we stay sustainable and true to our values about how studio should run.

The art team is now a massive five people! They are led by Sindre Gronvoll, who also led art on Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Prior to that he worked on a variety of AAA titles including Mirror's Edge, NFS: Most Wanted and The Secret World. New to the team is Chris Downey, previously Lead Environment Artist at Playground, and with Forza Horizon, Project Gotham Racing and Blur on his recent CV. He takes up a post as Senior Environment Artist. We've also got a new VFX Artist, James Watt - his past work includes Bodycount (which he also worked with Sindre on), Dirt2 and GRID. Our two environment artists are Brady Jones, who worked with us on A Machine for Pigs and Richard Court, who is a recent graduate from Swansea Metropolitan University.

Design is still being handled by Andrew Crawshaw, who's been working on Rapture since the very first moment we started prototyping it, and also ran design duties on Machine for Pigs. He's worked art, design and creative direction for Tuna Tech, Revolution, Rage and Code Monkeys amongst others. He also runs Ga-Ma-Yo which is pretty much indispensable for any Yorkshire based game developers. He's joined on audio design by another new recruit, Adam Hay. He's come to us from Rare, and worked on LEGO Batman, Kinect Sports Rivalsand LostWinds 2, amongst others.

Down the bottom is code, which we like to do to keep them in their place. Stuart Yarham takes on Lead Coder responsibilities – before joining us, he released the iOS game Dingle Dangle as an indie (which our ten year old LOVES) and has a wildly varied bunch of things ranging from Doctor Who: The Adventure Games to Nike+ Kinect Training behind him. And last but not least is Maarten de Meyer, who is our most remote remote-worker, dialing in from Belgium. Maarten delivered all the programming for Machine for Pigs and also has several indie and mobile releases behind him including Shift and Fighters Uncaged.

Which just leaves me and her really. Jessica will once again deliver the soundtrack for Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, as well as being a central player in the game's design and vision. And me, once again on script writing, design and general creative direction. And that's it!