We're hiring - Producer

UPDATE: this position has now been filled. Thank you!

We're on the hunt for a new producer to help us with a brand-new game we're going to start making very soon!

Formed in 2010, The Chinese Room is an internationally recognised, award-winning development studio based in Brighton, UK. Our previous titles include the critically acclaimed breakout title Dear Esther and the cult horror Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. We are about to ship the open-world sci-fi mystery Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, a PS4 exclusive developed for Sony Santa Monica, and are starting development on an exciting new IP.

We love stories in games, and place great emphasis on that sense of 'being in the world' that, we believe, games do better than any other art form. We're lucky enough to have a team of exceptional people, all passionate about what they do and the games we make, so we'd love to hear from dedicated experienced producers who want to help drive our games forwards.

You are an incredibly organised manager with execeptional communication and interpersonal skills. You understand what it takes to keep a team on schedule and respond to changes and issues rapidly and effectively. You have an excellent, thorough knowledge of all aspects and specialisms within games development, and experience in getting the most out of your team. You have worked closely with publishers and are used to driving the developer/publisher relationship to maximum benefit. You love games and the process of making them.

Nothing fazes you. You are genuinely agile and love the buzz and the challenge of working in a small, tightly-knit, passionate and fast-paced development team. You are looking to push yourself and define the titles you work on. You don’t just want to work on it, you want to own it. More than anything, you understand that the backbone of releasing a team’s full creative potential is a solid core of project management and communications. You are looking for an opportunity to take a critical role at the centre of a world-class small studio and to shine in it.  

Core Responsibilities

  • Create, implement and evaluate development schedules including project scoping.

  • Motivate, manage and support a small team of passionate developers and ensure schedules are met.

  • Anticipate and resolve development and team issues Work closely with the Operations Manager to ensure a smooth, supportive and creative working environment.

  • Work closely with in-house QA Lead / Assistant Producer to identify issues, improvements and opportunities within development

  • Drive publisher/developer relations and ensure production communication is optimal.

  • Report back to Creative Director and Studio Heads on progress.


Essential Skills and Experience

  • Proven track record of game development production with a minimum of 3 years of experience shipping at least two titles of comparable scale to previous TCR titles.

  • Experience working alongside a publisher and driving communication and partnership working.

  • Management, scheduling and evaluation experience across an entire game team.

  • Excellent knowledge of software development, process management and QA.

  • We are looking for a leader, not a follower: confidence, initiative and self-management are critical.

  • Working in small, fast-paced development environment is hugely exciting but challenging – an aptitude for highly agile, iterative working is key.  


Job will be based in Brighton, UK
Salary depending on experience
Closing Date – 7th August
Interviews will take place week starting – 10th August

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