We're Hiring!


We’re on the look out for four exceptional people to join the team, for an unannounced next-gen console title we’re developing. We can offer a great project, fantastic people to work with, remote working (in the UK) or office space in Brighton or London, a friendly and fast-paced development environment, and a place to really shine. What we want are creative, open, passionate people who love games as much as we do and thrive in a fast-paced, self-managing team. These are the posts we are looking for: VFX Artist, Environment Artist, Audio Designer and Studio/Project Manager.


To apply for any of them, we’re going to need

a) an up-to-date CV with details of the projects you have worked on,

b) where relevant, a portfolio of your work, preferably online and definitely in-game,

c) two people we can talk to as references.

The applications will stay open until Friday 12th July and we will be interviewing and making our selection by Friday 26th July. If you need any further information about any of the posts, then drop us a line via the contact page. We can offer competitive salaries commensurate with experience.

Visual FX Artist

You have a passion for creating stunning visual effects that take game environments to new levels of beauty and wonder. You combine an extremely creative, imaginative flair with strong technical skills, and are capable of working independently and alongside the Art Director within a small team. You are hungry for an opportunity to explore a next-generation engine and platform. You understand the power of VFX to sweep a player along into a whole new world, to orchestrate their emotions and to drive a game’s vision directly to their hearts. In this project, you will be tasked with visualising everything from the end of the world to falling in love for the first time.

Core responsibilities

  • Alongside the Art Director, lead on the implementation of all VFX for an open-world, first-person, next generation console game, with particular responsibility for:
  • Volumetrics and Weather Systems
  • Advanced Particle Effects
  • Post-processing
  • Materials and Textures
  • Animation and/or Motion Graphics
  • Assist the Art Director in lighting and other aspects of world realisation as required.

Requirements and Skills

  • Expert knowledge of appropriate tools, techniques and software
  • Experience working with current generation game development engine, such as CryEngine.
  • Ability to rapidly prototype and iterate events and concepts.
  • Experience in a small, highly collaborative team.
  • Understanding of technical software and hardware limitations and an ability to create optimised content without sacrificing visual quality.
  • Ability to seek out and implement new content that lifts the overall quality of the VFX and the players experience of the environment.
  • Able to plan, conduct and review work with minimal management.
  • Function well under pressure, and bring high levels of creativity, flair and passion to their role.
  • 2+ years industry experience, including at least one published title on current generation console.
  • Creative, passionate, adaptable – looking for an opportunity to make amazing things look even more amazing.

Environment Artist

You are driven by that sense of wonder that a well-crafted game world can create. You are highly skilled at modelling and texturing, with a keen eye for form, colour and composition and experience with basic environmental animation. You are a passionate and hands-on individual who understands the principle that ‘just being there’ is a fundamental part of a great game experience. Combining a strong technical ability with an ambitious artistic sense, you want to be part of a team creating stunning, immersive worlds in next-gen technology.

Core responsibilities

  • Creating high and low poly organic and hard surface assets for an open-world, next-gen console title.
  • Work under the Art Director and alongside VFX Artist, Technical Artist and another Environment Artist to realise the vision for the game.
  • Assist with lighting, particles and other VFX as need be.

Requirements and Skills

  • High levels of skill with appropriate software and techniques (Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush etc).
  • Prior experience with 3D sculpting to create strong and interesting silhouettes is a must for this position.
  • Focused experience on organics a particular bonus.
  • Experience working with current generation game development engine, such as CryEngine 3
  • Strong understanding of the foundational principles in art, preferably with prior fine arts experience or self-study.
  • Understanding of advanced materials and how to author textures that sits well in multiple different lighting situations.
  • Ability to operate in a small, fast-moving team, with strong skills in self-management and self-learning.
  • Ability to creatively respond to briefs, follow direction and look for opportunities to excel.
  • 1+ years industry experience, including at least one published title on current generation console or equivalent level of PC development.

Studio/Project Manager

You are a smart, self-starting and super organised person who understands that keeping a game studio on the rails is as exciting and important as the development itself. You are as happy with the small stuff as the big, and get that spread-sheets really do make the world spin properly. You love the idea of helping drive a small studio through a period of fast growth, and taking on the specific challenges of a team who work remotely, with the communication and organisational skills to meet them. You can deal with everything from financial management to press liaison and are looking to work in a creative, fast-moving and fun environment where no two days are ever the same.

Core Responsibilities

  • Book-keeping and financial management including project budgets and liaising with external bodies such as accountants and HR.
  • Organising production schedules, evaluating progress and managing diaries.
  • General office duties – managing equipment, suppliers and general enquiries.
  • Managing all press and PR materials, including website, press packs, award entries etc.

Requirements and Skills

  • Excellent organisational and communication skills.
  • Experience with financial management, payroll and book-keeping.
  • Experiencing with scheduling and evaluation procedures and software.
  • Positive, can-do attitude and a passion for game development.

Audio Designer

You share our passion for music and sound in games and believe that this is one of the key areas that makes a good game great. You have a deep and robust technical aptitude, are up to speed with the latest software and techniques, and have an ordered, analytical mind for managing large numbers of dynamic assets. But you are also highly creative, with a strong ear for both music and foley, and a drive to create immersive, powerful, integrated soundscapes that sweep the player along into the game world.

Core Responsibilities

  • Work with the audio supervisor/composer to define the audio direction for the game.
  • Take responsibility for the delivery of Sound Design, Field Recording, Foley Recording and Dialogue Editing.
  • Design and Implement a fully dynamic, responsive audio and music system into CryEngine3 (using FMOD or equivalent technology).
  • Work with the Production team to manage the audio design project roadmap. Lead feature and milestone planning, identifying audio goals & provide full task breakdowns and estimations.
  • Create, define and maintain workflows, structures, documentation and organization of all content relating to audio tools, workflows, guidelines & best practices.
  • Work with programmers and designers to ensure top quality audio content is delivered within game design requirements, technical limitations and on schedule.
  • Create prototypes and sound intentions proving audio setups and technical choices while identifying needs.
  • Create briefs for 3rd party audio suppliers such as sample providers, V/O & external audio production.
  • Sculpt a sophisticated audio aesthetic, with a deep understanding of how sound, voice and music can be utilised to contribute towards a great player experience.

Requirements and Skills

  • Expert knowledge of audio engines used in the games industry, such as Wwise and FMOD and associated/appropriate audio technologies to support game sound development (ProTools etc)
  • Experience in creating high quality sound design assets for video games.
  • Experience working with game music, particularly dynamic music systems a strong bonus.
  • Working with dialogue also a bonus.
  • Expert knowledge in technical constraints and design opportunities related to audio formats used in video games.
  • Good at working with direction on your own and/or in a team.
  • Great communications skills and self-motivated towards solving creative problems and technical challenges.
  • Analytically minded and organized, with the ability to keep to schedules and work well under pressure
  • 1+ years industry experience, including at least one published title on current generation console or equivalent level of PC development.