Welcome to the New Us


We’ve spent the last couple of months working with design agency Harrison & Co., to completely re-brand The Chinese Room. The inspiration for the logo came from the paper boats in Dear Esther, and from the bird at the ending of the game. The concept of Chinese paper folding means that we have the flexibility to re-fold our logo to suit each game. Clever! You may have also noticed that we've split the words in our name. thechineseroom begone, we are now The Chinese Room. It’s been a pretty hectic year since we launched Dear Esther. During that time we’ve not only been working on Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, and prototyping Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, but behind the scenes we’ve also been turning ourselves from a start-up into full blown studio.

In reality, this has meant learning a lot and learning it fast. The day-to-day reality of lawyers, tax, employment, insurance, office administration, project management alongside pushing Esther, making Pigs and playing with the Rapture. It’s a critical time for a lot of small studios; turning an initial success into something sustainable, and we’re proud to have made it through in one piece.

Partially, this is down to having a great team, and over the last year we’ve assembled a lovely crew of six people, soon to be expanded to ten, who are as passionate and dedicated as we are. We’ve been really lucky to have great friends and collaborators as well. In particular, Rob Briscoe, who helped us realise Dear Esther and Frictional Games, who trusted us with their sick and possibly psychotic baby, Amnesia, have been really supportive as we’ve made the leap into full-blown studio.

The next few months don’t slow down either. We’re about to announce recruitment of four new posts – VFX artist, Environment Artist, Audio Designer and Studio/Project Manager. The launch date for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs should arrive pretty soon, and we hope to release some very exciting news about the new project in just a few weeks.

To keep you posted, we’ll be using this blog, and letting the whole team loose on it as we go along so you get to know them as well. Plus, we’ve got a new Twitter account, so get following @Chineseroom to keep up to date.

More soon, big thanks to all of our fans, and talk soon!