So Let Us Melt - a new TCR game!

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that for the last few months, alongside continuing to prototype Total Dark, we've been hard at work on a brand new game. It's called So Let Us Melt and it's the story of Custodian 98.

Back in spring 2016 we got approached by Google. They were putting together a roster of developers to make content for their new mobile VR platform Daydream. We'd done some playing around with VR before - we did test runs of Dear Esther on Oculus for example, but it just never really happened for one reason or another. But mobile VR - that was really interesting and something that just captured our imaginations...

It's been an amazing, challenging, inspiring period, figuring out this new tech and boiling down the essence of what we do to fit onto not only a mobile platform but a VR mobile platform at that. But I think the team have come up with something really very special. They've taken that emotional depth and beauty we're obsessed with and managed to squeeze it into this little box. And then configured it so when you get that headset on, you're injected into a real world: a world with scale and depth and characters and drama.

We're not saying too much more about So Let Us Melt for now - there's lots of work still to be done - but we're hoping to finish it later on this year and we'll keep you posted on progress.

Exciting times!