So Let Us Melt - coming to Daydream VR on Thursday 21st September

So Let Us Melt is the story of 98. It was a living machine called a Custodian and its job, along with its sisters and brothers - all one thousand five hundred and two of them - was to make a world. It would take over ten million years. 


98 worked on a moon called Kenopsia, which orbited a large gas giant called Opia Prime, in a binary star system on the thin end of a wayward spoke of the Milky Way. It was in a good position to support life, with a little help from 98 and its friends. It’s what they were built to do. In the beginning, Kenopsia was nothing but an airless rock, freezing when it was in the shadow of Opia Prime and boiling when both of its two suns shone on it directly. It didn’t have an atmosphere. It didn’t even have a magnetic core. But it looked like somewhere that, with a little work, could be a wonderful home.

So 98 and all of the other Custodians, under the watchful eye of Central, got to work building the world, while we all slept, deep below the ice in Polar City. 

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The Custodians were more than machines because they thought and felt. Their feelings were programmed of course, they were programmed to love us and want to do anything to keep us safe, but some people think that this was just the start and they may have had feelings that weren’t programmed. Of course, this is just theory really, because no-one has ever met one. We were all children when we were put into sleep and most of the old folk who worked alongside the Custodians didn’t want to come to the future with us, and the few that did have all died now. So we really only have stories about what they were like, and mostly what we know is that they were immensely patient, and calm, and dedicated and kind.

They are all gone, of course, because of what happened, but this is a story about one of them, a little machine called 98. It’s about how everything came to be. But mostly it’s about great friends and being lost and then being found again.


Every solstice we sing songs to 98, to help it find its way home. We sing to say thank you 98

Thank you for our world.