Never played a Chinese Room game before? Here's what to expect with So Let Us Melt

So... we've never made a game for mobile VR before - and so it stands that some of you won't have played a Chinese Room game. We figured it was probably a good idea to let you know what you can expect...


We make story games. This means they tend to have simple gameplay as what we're really all about is spinning amazing worlds and stories and letting you get lost in them. You can expect us to push as far as we can in terms of production values, giving you amazing visuals and stunning audio. We're really lucky to have world-renowned, BAFTA-winning composer Jessica Curry as our co-director, which means you can expect a soundtrack that is movie quality - punching way way above what's normal for mobile games. 

So Let Us Melt is, at heart, an interactive animated film. It's like a short movie, coming in at about 1 hour and 15 minutes. It breaks up into chapters, each one about 5-7 minutes long, so you've got plenty of opportunity to take a break or let your device cool down (and you'll need to do that at least once, because we've pushed the visual capabilities of the Daydream pretty hard). You can sit back and enjoy the ride - and if you don't play many games or are new to VR, it's a perfect title for you. 

In terms of what you actually do... well, you play as 98 and you travel through the world of Kenopsia. This path is already set, so it's your job to start and stop, so you can just take in the sights and sounds at your own pace. There are other Custodians around you can say hello too, as well as features of the world that will respond to you. It's really simple to do this, just point the controller at them and they will respond automatically to you. 98 loves to sing, and pointing makes 98 sing hello and try and open up a conversation, or explore the object or whatever it is.


Sometimes you'll be asked to do slightly more complex stuff as well, if it's a more complicated conversation that needs to happen (particularly if you are talking to one of the really big machines you'll meet on your journey). In this case, you'll use your controller to trace out a shape, or point at a special spot whilst it shrinks and 98 sings away. It's pretty simple and that's the idea, really - we love the fact that just about anyone can pick up and play our games and get into the story without having to worry about doing complicated gameplay or having world-class dexterous fingers. It's all about you feeling that sense of place and meeting these amazing characters.

So who is it for? Well, our previous games - Dear Esther, Machine for Pigs and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - have been played by people from 8-80 (actually, we got a mail from a player once saying they'd played Rapture with their 93 year old mum who loved it). They are genuinely for everyone, and we hope a really good introduction to mobile VR for people who might not have used it before. But of course, it's also for gamers. We've made our reputation, -and we're really proud of being seen as one of the most exciting and creative storytelling studios out there - by creating amazing, immersive, engaging worlds and stories and letting people loose in them. We think So Let Us Melt continues that and whether you're a new TCR fan or an old hand, we really hope you love it...