Introducing our amazing narrator for So Let Us Melt

We're incredibly excited to announce that the narrator of So Let Us Melt is the extremely wonderful and brilliant, BAFTA-nominated actor Siobhan Finneran.

I've loved Siobhan's voice for years. You might recognise her from the comedy Benidorm, or costume drama Downton Abbey, where she played O'Brien, or the ghost thriller Midwinter of the Sprit alongside Anna Maxwell Martin. Those of us old enough to remember - and if you are not, you REALLY ought to watch it anyway - go right back to Alan Clarke's Rita, Sue and Bob Too which also starred other favourites George Costigan and Lesley Sharp. She's been UK acting royalty for a long time now... 


Anyway - what really did it was Happy Valley, probably the best TV police drama of the last 10 years (if not longer) and one of the best things the BBC has produced in living memory. It's staggeringly good - inspirationally well written and acted, and Siobhan's performance as Clare was just incredible. We'd started work on So Let Us Melt when Jess & I sat down and watched the second series (seriously, you HAVE to watch this show, it's unbelievably good). Siobhan started speaking and I knew right then, that's the voice of this game. 

It's really exciting when that happens but also dead risky as well, as you've got to then try and get the actor you want! Fortunately, we were working with SIDE UK again - they handled voice duties with us for Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - and they helped us reach out and convince Siobhan to take part. And she just lifts the game up so much - another stellar performance that delivers just the right mix of warmth and drama the game needs. Directed by veteran voice director Mark Healy, Siobhan has delivered a really wonderful performance. We really care about this stuff and it's been an absolute privilege to work with such an amazing actor and get such fantastic voice-work into the game.