Finding the radios in Rapture (MAJOR SPOILERS)

We’ve been contacted by a few deaf players who have asked about finding radios in the game as these use audio signals to convey location and may otherwise be a bit tricky to find. So here’s a list of all of the radio locations in Yaughton – and we’re going to look into a ‘visual assist’ mode for a patch as well. I’ve tried to not be too exact as finding them is part of the experience, but it should give narrow down the location more.


ARC 1: Jeremy

1.       In the garden of the house opposite the pub

2.       In the pub garden

3.       In the back garden of the house by the bridge

4.       In a caravan down the side of a house near Wade’s

5.       In a greenhouse near the alley that leads from the village green towards Lizzie’s house


ARC 2: Wendy

1.       In a treehouse at the Mason’s house

2.       At a bus stop near Tipworth Gorge

3.       By the bee hives

4.       In Stephen and Kate’s house, upstairs


ARC 3: Frank

1.       Where someone is camping near the pond

2.       In an old transit van near to the barn by the windmill

3.       In a shed in the farmhouse yard

4.       On a pile of junk in the field where Rhys and Frank are working, by the road to the woods


ARC 4: Lizzie

1.       Where kids have made a BMX jump near the tennis courts

2.       In a chalet in the field between Coles’ chalet and the campfire (look for the orange tents)

3.       Outside a chalet in the field opposite the playground

4.       Inside a chalet with a dog kennel


ARC 5: Stephen

1.       In the bus stop on the road between the builders and the station

2.       Outside the substation where the bunker is

3.       On the roadblock at the level crossing near Howard’s house

4.       At the entrance of the truck park by Holly’s café