Everybody's Gone to the Rapture revealed!

At the Sony Gamescom press conference in Cologne last night we were finally able to reveal that our next game will be Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, an open-world, first-person adventure that we see as the spiritual successor to Dear Esther.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and we are working with Sony Santa Monica studios to bring it to the PS4. This is hugely exciting for us - we've been big fans of Santa Monica for several years as they've led the way in showing how it's possible to get amazing, innovative first-party content onto consoles. Their attitude and approach is not only fantastic, but we discovered we share very similar values about what kinds of games we want to make, so it's a very exciting partnership for us.

This doesn't mean we are done with PC gaming. There are no immediate plans for a PC release, and we know that this may be difficult for some of our fans. What's important to us is that we continue to develop as a studio, and working with Sony on this title is just the right choice for lots of reasons, from the shared vision to getting access to top-rank production expertise on what is the largest, most ambitious title we've tackled so far. You were very much at the forefront of our discussions when we decided we wanted to opt for a console game as the next release, and we really, genuinely believe in this platform. But the gaps between platforms continue to shrink and our relationship with Crytek, something we really hope to continue, makes the idea of multi-platform releases of the levels of production values we love working to a reality for the future. We will be back...

Finally, the studio is closing for a week. It's a hard thing getting to the end of a cycle in development and building up to an announce and we need a break before things really kick off in September. So don't send us any tweets or emails because we won't be reading anything. We're off up a mountain with no Internet or phone access and you'll get buried in a big pile when we return and potentially missed.

Next blog post when we get back will introduce the amazingly talented new staff we employed over the summer. We're really, really excited to let you know who they are - the team is now looking incredibly strong and we can't wait to get stuck into Everybody's Gone to the Rapture in a week or two!