Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - first fan fiction!


Jessica has been chatting with a writer called Christian Green, who sent us this short piece inspired by the game, and based around the phrase "Cellar Door", which Donnie Darko fans will remember as the most beautiful phrase in the English language. It's also pretty cool, because I was thinking along the lines of just how the sound of words can carry a sense regardless of their actual meaning that sat behind the reason why Dear Esther got called Dear Esther in the first place (it's actually from the Faith No More track "The Crab Song" - right near the start, Chuck Mosley says it, amongst a bunch of other fairly random things, and I thought the sound of those two words just was... right...) - Anyway, would love to include more fan stuff up here, so feel free to send it in... and a huge thanks to Christian for sending us this lovely piece of work.

An Underground Passage Christian Green

“Cellar Door” I say. It rolls off the tongue with such ease; it’s almost ironic how easy it plays across my lips after the ordeals I have faced. I am here, locked under these pine lids in a dank undercroft that I call home. There is no homage that I tribute, or some epic ordeal that links this story to an untold legend. I am simply in a basement renting out what I believed to be my last hope as a functional human being under this giving landlord’s rule. They say last chances are sparse and barren, but unfulfilled opportunities were the motivating force behind tonight’s venture. Laid across the cold roll out bed I call my “concrete buffer”, I am stabbed with an indescribable will of penance. Arising to the sun outside, an empty street showers my mind with unrelenting force. Gazing up, the sun holds no authority over my eyes as a disturbed moon blocks the preeminent gaze. Only one notion flays itself across my mind. Even if I was put to the test here and died, I do not worry; death holds nothing to fear. Everyone, everywhere already knows what it’s like when our conscious cease to exist. The same thing was in effect for 13.8 billion years before the dawn of humanity, so too shall we return we pass. We weren’t in pain, bored, or inconvenienced in any way by our timeless wait for consciousness, nor shall we be bothered in the slightest once our short time is over. And, if I’m wrong, and we do exist in some other form once our biology stop functioning, then hopefully I’ll see you there.