Academic work and new DOOM book


A couple of people have asked about the link to my academic papers disappearing off the new website. So here's a list of things I've written. The big news academically, is that my book DOOM: ScaryDarkFast, which is part of the Landmark Videogames Series published by the University of Michigan is out! - here's a link to get a copy.

Brilliantly, Amazon still think I'm the other Dan Pinchbeck, so if you follow the links to read my other books and find yourself in a world of peyote, post-humanism and Mayan apocalypse, you are officially looking at the wrong person.

Academic Work:

Pinchbeck, D. 2010. I Build to Study: A Manifesto for Development Led research in Games. Presented at Under the Mask 2010, University of Bedfordshire

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