Back to the Rapture - Part 4


After a few days with quite a lot of words (part 1, part 2, part 3), time to go Back to the Rapture with more visuals!

We have gameplay videos of the game in early development, abandoned game mechanics, some old level flyovers and more!


Early Gameplay Videos

Let's start off with a gameplay video from 2012, which contains some mechanics that were later abandoned. The light mote was there though, and already represented characters as it did in the version of the game you have played. Back then, you had to clear a path to allow the mote to progress and guide you to the next point of interest, and interact with objects.

Fast-forward to a few months later, in 2013, for this video that shows other gameplay mechanics, that have evolved quite heavily to the ones in the final game: instead of 'tuning' to past events through the static light orbs, the player had to interact with certain objects in the game world.



Here are some videos from May 2012, when the game was in the very early stages, that show the layouts of some areas of the game. You'll see that the church and the windmill were there from pretty much the beginning; there were also a few more big bridges!


Concept Art

Here is even MORE concept art from Ben Andrews to look at, this time focused on the exterior & interior of a cottage in the woods, and some mockups for Kate's 1984 computer. Enjoy!

A look at what could have been - Kate's 1984 computer!

Some of Kate's notes on her computer

See you tomorrow for our final instalment of "Back to the Rapture", where we'll talk about the art of the game!