Ask Us Anything, part 2!

Today, we'll be answering a couple more questions about Everybody's Gone to the Rapture that you asked us on Twitter (repeatedly, in some cases!).

As with the previous blog post, please let us know in the comments or on Twitter if there's anything you would like to ask us and we'll do our best to answer. We may not acknowledge your questions as they're asked, but rest assured we're taking note of them.



Is there going to be a new speed up on the Sprint option in Rapture?

Ok, this isn’t going to happen for two reasons. One is technical and the other is artistic. Firstly, you can’t just retrofit a faster run speed to the game as everything is timed and interrelated. If you’re going to move faster, you are going to start allowing the player to fire multiple triggers - firing one after another before current events have finished. That has a knock-on to the tracking system sitting under the surface which impacts AI, dynamic lighting, procedural audio. It’s a house of cards. You’d also start introducing the capacity to parkour accidentally, because you build momentum as you move and, if you move faster, you build more momentum and that means you start being able to get to new places and that means getting stuck in hedges, gardens and so on. And suddenly you are back into weeks of bug hunting and fixing. It just doesn’t work.

And then artistically - moving faster would mean firing multiple cues. You’d have scenes either playing over each other, or cutting out suddenly. You’d have audio and music falling over each other. It’d be a mess. And it’s just not a fast game. It might be a little annoying if you are trophy hunting, but you are trading things off - and if you increase sprint speed, you lose far more in atmosphere and experience. And some things are just slower, that’s the way they are designed. Tarkovsky films are slow. Dune is a slow, dense novel. That’s OK, even if it means they are not optimised for everyone. Rapture moves at a certain speed, and to change it would be to compromise the vision we had for the game.

Could there be a New "Game+" mode in Rapture?

This ties back into the question of sprinting, and there’s one other thing to add to that which is that it’s important to remember that Rapture isn’t our game, it belongs to Sony. So any additional features or changes to the game are only going to happen if Sony want to put them in, and I’d say right now that’s pretty unlikely to happen.